Hypnotherapy – What is a hypnotic trance?

A hypnotic trance is an altered and heightened state of consciousness and awareness. It is a state of physical and mental relaxation, a total detachment from day to day life, a disconnection from daily stresses, worries and events. It allows the unconscious mind to be free and more receptive to positive suggestions and information useful to the person’s wellbeing. You are not asleep and you can open your eyes at any point should you wish to do so. Have you ever read a book or watched TV and you were so engrossed in the story that when somebody spoke to you, you didn’t hear them? Have you ever driven on a motorway and forgot part of the journey? Trance is similar to the feeling you get just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up. You are completely aware of everything going on around you. You can hold onto the relaxation or you can come out at any point. It is in your control. When you engage your imagination, you are in an altered state of awareness.

A hypnotic trance to me is like day dreaming J. Your body and your conscious mind are fully relaxed and your unconscious mind is wandering off to beautiful places where it can be free to experience wonderful, resourceful feelings. ‘Leave the map and get wonderfully lost’. You just experience beautiful feelings in a state of total relaxation. A hypnotic trance is being in touch with your most powerful inner self. You can go anywhere you like, do anything you like, experience anything you like, feel powerful, positive, driven, totally safe and calm and yet, all along, your body is comfortable and having a break from day to day life and under no pressure from anything and anybody.

Whilst in this state of tranquillity, positive images can be implanted deep in the subconscious that will play an important part in changing your perception of yourself and help recognise yourself as a unique individual with your own talents and capabilities. This will give you confidence to successfully interact with the world in a positive way that is beneficial to you and reach your goals and desires. Whilst in trance, we can make a connection between past and present in order to understand more about you and your presenting issue and give the appropriate suggestions relating to the therapeutic goals. Some of the things you feel, do and say are not always driven by your conscious thoughts and feelings but by unconscious feelings from your past. By understanding this connection better you can make decisions based on what you want and need now and not based on what the past experiences drove you to do. Achievement in your goals is based on your mind set.

The subconscious is an untapped resource of creativity and the seat of all our emotions therefore directing nearly all behaviour. It is also responsible for maintaining the body in good health and for all the autonomic processes (breathing, blood circulation, tissue repair, controlling blood sugar level). When we look in the mirror it’s not so much what we see but how we see it. It isn’t so much what goes on around us as how we perceive it. By changing the inner image to a good and positive one, you will project into the world a person who is positive, confident and aware of your own attributes, capabilities and capacities.

For each symptom there is a positive intention. Your mind never does anything to harm you. It only does what it believes is good for you. That doesn’t mean to say it’s right but if repeated for long enough, your mind will accept it as good for you; for example, smoking or alcohol. For some people they are related to relaxation or numbing pain. In the long run they achieve quite the opposite but after plenty of repetition, your unconscious mind accepted it as good for you. In order to break the habit, we need to convince your mind that there are better options it can choose from in order to relax. The positive intention of fear is protection, the positive intention for anger is boundary setting and so on.

Your unconscious mind will only accept suggestions that are good for you so please do not confuse it with stage hypnosis. You will not act like a dinosaur unless you can convince your mind that it really is the best thing for you 🙂

Waking from a hypnotic trance is like waking after a long, deep sleep or after a power nap, feeling rested, re energised, positive and confident.

You will be able to enter this state of relaxation whenever you wish and give yourself positive and empowering affirmations.